Wild Horses


Wild Horses

We no longer have large amounts of wild horses, or anything wild for that matter, we catch, cage and use everything in this world and claim it as ours. Besides the entertainment, meat, fur and valued goods from beautiful creatures we take, I also believe we do this because they are wild, and we are scared of what is free. Freedom scares people, and just like these animals, humans are chained as well. Our happiness and freedom are no longer priority, even though some countries are known for their “freedom” what that really means is we are known for our delusional ideas of what freedom is, and we make sure we keep people in line in a way that makes them believe they are free.

Government- Here is a good job, a nice car, a house and some tax money back in your pocket… you are free! You should be grateful

The people- Yay freedom! Lets travel where we want, live off grid, buy land and do whatever we want on it.

Government- Sorry you can’t do that. 

Get my point?

To us, money, and things we can buy in a store are what freedom is. Being able to work and buy stuff. But we still cannot buy our happiness, that must be earned through letting go of everything we have learned growing up and breaking free of what society claims to make you happy. Just like the wild horses, we are chained by our own belongings, by our loved ones, by our jobs and lives, and even by our selves.

It is more important than ever to realize what is holding you back, what are your dreams? your passions and your adventures you have been wanting to live? Why are you letting them go so easily? What is scaring you and keeping you from these things? Everything is possible! I cannot say this enough. We are forced into thinking we cannot do amazing things from child birth, we are told to get a good job and find someone to settle down with. But as soon as someone breaks free and lives in a tent, surfs all day and loves their life, they are called misfits, rebels and homeless. All negative things to most people, but to me, those words are something of beauty and freedom.

Being called a rebel, or a misfit, or any other number of things means that I’ve succeeded in scaring others because I gave up what everything things should make me happy, for something that actually does. Now living in a tent and surfing all day may not be everyones idea of happiness, but I’m pretty sure you get my idea.

Control and power is everything, just like horses, we no longer have many choices to just wander and run and enjoy life without consequences. When you have a wild soul, people try and tame you, they try and console you and figure out what is wrong with you for acting like that. My friends, we should be the ones counseling them. Do not let anyone control you, run free, break standards, love this life that is given to you. Love others and be kind, and most importantly be kind to and love yourself.

Be free my wild horses, 

reach for the light and never back down.

embrace your quirks , your love, your beauty

and your peace. 

I wish you all happiness and the strength 

to follow your dreams.

Pieces of the Road

I know, I know… It’s been awhile since my last post. Life happened and not necessarily in a bad way. In the last 3 months I got engaged in the most beautiful spot at Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville, ON. Went through the long process of selling my house and moving everything to storage, spent the holiday’s with not just my family but also Will’s. And just recently went on an amazing road trip across Canada to Nova Scotia. Its been crazy to say the least, but with some free time and a clearer perspective on things, I’m happy to say I’m back to share all of my amazing stories, to whoever feels like listening.

This new year I can’t say I have any special things I promised myself to do, just the normal. To keep traveling, to stay happy, to stay mindful and to be the best person I can be. I’m working on each one slowly as it is all a practice and takes time to perfect. Keeping your balance is important, but in a world with chaos, stress and insane expectations, it can be hard to actually keep that balance. I’m lucky to have such a supportive person in my life, it doesn’t matter what dream I have, what crazy idea I come up with, or what rut I may have fallen into. My guy is there to lift me up and tell me “I’ve got this.”  If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life like this, hold onto them. It’s rare right now to find people who not only cherish their own beliefs and ways of living, but also yours just as much.

My new year started off in a great way, with someone I love very much and in a place I’ve never been before. Mountains of snow surrounded us, with more coming down each second. We had a great meal, too much wine and fell asleep on the couch together, waking up with no more than 5 minutes to watch the ball drop then go back to bed. Given the next day we would be hitting four of the major cities in Eastern Canada, we needed our sleep.

Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Windsor.

Talk about a great road trip. Is amazing to get so far out of your element with someone to see what they are really like and of course, Will and myself work just as well together under stress as we do on a regular basis. Being on the road and getting to experience so much coming into the new year is amazing and really makes me dream of future adventures for the year coming up. Now that my house is gone, I’m a little more free than normal. And of course if I wasn’t engaged to a normal man who doesn’t mind working, I’m sure we would have already been halfway across the world by now. I’m going to get you there one day Will 🙂

I wish everyone the best for 2017 and remember to get out and experience everything this world has to offer!


Trust, Love & Adventure

“Trust that all you’ve learned was worth learning, no matter what answer you have or do not have about what practical use it has in your life. Let whatever mysterious starlight that guided you this far guide you onward into the crazy beauty that awaits” -Cheryl Strayed

The universe works in strange ways, yes this we all know. i’ve always thought I was put on this earth for a purpose, not knowing the purpose has been the hardest part. I am sure many of you also feel this way. However recently, i’ve only started to realize the purpose may be so simple and freeing that it took every possible hardship, boundary and struggle to get through just to make it clear to me.


Yes this is it, we are put on this planet to enjoy life! How simple it is to take these two words and apply it to everything we are and suddenly, I forget why I was worried an hour ago, why I am struggling to pay bills and why I am so intensely trying to figure out the future and my life everyday. I am just going to live and enjoy life, day by day, hour by hour and second by second. When the money needs to be here, it will come, when something in my life needs to be fulfilled, it will happen instantly. But only because I believe in the universe and what it is capable of. Only because I have the capacity to open myself to the fear of the unknown, that is why I know it is going to be ok.

This is not something that has come easy to me, nor do I stay in this mindset all the time, I lose myself just like everyone else, however I know I can come back to just enjoying life and living with little reminders, quotes, inspiration, and my best tool? My boyfriend, who since the day we met, has been such a big inspiration in my life, someone who picks me up, doesn’t let me question myself and gives me everything that he is. There are a few stories about soul mates out there, some more believable than others, but if I ever did believe I had one, now is definitely the time, if you ever find someone like this, keep them close, they will change you.

In the midst of this crazy world, busy schedules, rude people, and technology capable of keeping you from everything. It is easy to get sidetracked from what life really is about. But it’s as simple as going back to the basics; food, family, love, shelter, adventure/exploration (We had to do something for fun!) now take that and apply it to every day life, if you are questioning something, or scared, think about the basics and see how your decision will apply to those things, and when you are still unsure, use your gut instincts. If you feel passionately about something, even if you are scared, do it anyways! Fear should be the main indication that those decisions are what we need, because without fear, we would all amount to amazing things!

“When the path reveals itself, follow it.” Cheryl Strayed

“Jump with me.” Will Quesnel

“To stay balanced is to lose all of your shit at the worst time, only to realize you never needed it in the first place.” Me 🙂

Snow Globe Theory


What in the world are you doing? I ask myself this all the time, It may not be related to any big event but I believe even the smaller stuff can truly benefit from this question and my asking it out loud. Sometimes you just need that reality check, that clarity that only comes with really thinking something through.

I’ve been in such a good place lately, but even when everything is going perfectly, something is bound to happen that will drop that hammer on your foot and make you question everything that is going on. What the f*** is happening with the universe that when they see you are perfectly content, they decide to shake up your perfectly happy little snow globe and see how turned around and distraught you can get. Only for us to look back up at them and scream and shout and ask what we did to deserve this mess that it just threw at us!

I may be a little dramatic on this topic, but I swear it never fails. Things were not meant to be easy, they are meant to be hard, otherwise what accomplishment would we really feel when we get through doing something? We would feel none, and then with that feeling of never accomplishing anything we would start to become lazy and bored and really hate our lives. Sometimes we NEED that very dramatic globe shake to make us realize the good things. It keeps life interesting and despite the new bullshit we need to hack our way through, there will be another light at the end of the tunnel that will again lead to our perfect little happy bubble we once found ourselves in before this mess.

Now the biggest thing to differentiate between the snow globe effect of shit raining down on us and us as humans creating our own dramatic crap to deal with is, well, one can be helped… So if you know something is not a good idea, if you know someone is bad for you, stay away! Don’t just walk away, run like there is fire under your feet. You will start to realize one day as so many have that there is this little feeling in the pit of your stomach  when something bad is going to happen. FOLLOW THAT! Step back and acknowledge it and thank it for reminding you that you are not an idiot and you can defeat the constant bullshit you may receive from something or someone just by simply walking… Running away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know some people that I am pretty sure love constantly being in a battle with themselves and their lives just on the decisions they choose. If the guy/girl doesn’t treat you good and you keep complaining about them, then why go back! But they do anyways, only for the same problems to reach up and bite them in the ass. If you hate an office job, but keep switching one office job to another because you think this one will be more exciting or have better people or more birthday cake to eat…. WRONG! It’s going to be just like the other office jobs you have had and you are about to hate your life again in 2-3 months, have fun getting fat on the cake because it is the only thing you are getting out of this…

These people cannot be helped, they need to learn on their own that their decisions are not helping them or making any part of their life easier, so they need to change their path and actually do what they believe in. This is an entirely different topic that requires much digging into, because really… How does one come to that decision?! It is all about controlling your mind and your thoughts and using your intuition and that little feeling in your stomach to realize where you need to be in life, what you should be doing and who you should be talking too. As soon as something feels off or your patterns start to shift back to your old ways, your body is going to give you warning signs that you MUST listen to.

And like me, As soon as those warning signs pop up, all I need to ask myself is “What are you doing!? In order for me to realize something stupid is amidst and that I must leave all curiosity behind and run.

Point of the story…. Stay away from stupid, and stupid choices.


Life-Take the Wheel



That fleeting moment; you know the one? The moment that comes and goes so quickly you are not sure what hit you, but something certainly did and you have the dirt, tears and scars to go with it. The realization that maybe your life has always been a joke up until this point, maybe you are just realizing that you don’t know who you are, or you have been doing everything wrong. But who is to say the new way of being is right? Ever have that feeling? It happens to me in small gaps; the few seconds where I need to stop, look around and really think about where I am, what I am doing and why.

It has become apparent to me that life is never going to get easier, as much as you think it will. Sure when you get older and smarter and maybe even richer, things are supposed to get less difficult and stressful right? Life is going to deliver the same amount of “God Damn’s,” and “Are you freaking kidding me’s,” no matter how smart, old or talented you are, it is going to continue to throw you curve balls and fast balls and sometimes a ball to the face. But no matter what happens in those hard times, there is bound to be a moment that you hit that ball right out of the park and make a perfect run around the bases into the open arms of your team mates.

Life really is what we make it, we can go ahead and complain about the normal bullshit that we deal with everyday, we can worry about the chances we miss or the dollar we don’t make. But in reality, as soon as something comes along that is better, we are going to have this crazy positive outlook on life and everything will change. Well, why not have that outlook all the time? If you constantly are thinking good positive thoughts, it you are happy with what you have instead of what you don’t have and if you really try and make a solid effort to be a better person… Well, your life is going to seem pretty damn amazing.

They say you are your worst enemy, you can single handedly bring yourself down just by a negative thought and that is just the reason to keep those thoughts at bay, as best you can. I will always have my moments where I miss something I once had; The chance to climb a mountain each weekend, to look out at the ocean in the mornings, to wake up under the stars next to a waterfall, to adventure to new places every day, and there will always be those moments that I feel like I am missing out on something. But the moment I am in now is more than I could have dreamed I would have before.

I thought it would take being in a new places, doing something different to make me happy. All I really needed to do was come to terms with myself, find out who I really am and how I think so that when I do get in a rut, or have a moment, I can quickly figure it out. Despite everything that has happened, I am moved back into my home have a career that gives me both my freedom and happiness and best of all, I have someone that will follow me as quickly as I am to follow them. I should have been in a different country right now. a different place experiencing new things, but I am content with what I have and where I am and it is all thanks to my willpower to be happy, live with what I have and love everyday, no matter how difficult it may be.

New memories and adventures will come, but for now, I will sit back and let life happen.



A Reason to Change

DSC_0776 1 copy

“CHANGE” The most interesting and scary word in the English Dictionary. This word has the chance if used properly to change your entire life around, or to make you hide in the closet shaking in fear. Some people love change, and others hate it. But that being said, no matter who you are, change is not something that is easily done.

We make plans with our life and make big dreams and goals, we get into relationship’s or leave them, we try a different brand of chocolate or get our weekly meal at a different restaurant. This is all change, it is something new and unknown and even though most of the change we make is small, the big stuff is there too.

It’s those things however that we are so unfamiliar with that really starts to make our brains tick and to start over-thinking the whole situation…

-Tell me something you have wanted to do for a long time? It could be something small or big, a place you want to go or a new food you want to eat. Now tell me why you have not done it yet?

My guess is you came up with some bullshit reasons; money, “well I don’t have time”, “well I might get to it one day. Maybe you are waiting until your kids grow up, or maybe you are just waiting and don’t know why.

Are you currently hiding from yourself because you have not gone and explored this big dream? Maybe instead you replaced it with other things, as in stuff. People get emotional and society has found a way to make us block those emotions by distracting ourselves… By buying stuff. And I have found that typically, the people hiding the biggest dreams are often hiding the most crap. They are trying to make up for what they don’t have or the feeling they are missing, so they fill those holes in their hearts and the shelves on their walls with stuff they don’t need. Only to have everything start over again, until we are so cluttered in our own crap that we almost forget that dream we never lived.

Guess what, those things are never going to be able to hold any emotional face for long. They will sit on a shelf and get dusty and you will soon forget why you even bought them. However memories are never going to be forgotten, they are going to stay with you forever, even if you don’t remember everything about that moment, you will always have the photos or the feelings that you got from it.

Right now in particular I am talking about those big dreams. There is no reason for you to be scared of change, no reason for you to not go out and live out the things you want to experience. This planet is for us, the beautiful countries and the beaches and cities are for us to experience and explore. Go out and see them, live that life and maybe even make one you never thought of having. Otherwise when you get older you will be wondering why you never took that chance, as you age you will regret not experiencing that moment.

I traveled to and around Alaska on one paycheck, and it wasn’t a big one either. I left people and things behind that I never thought I could live without. But guess what, the people that mattered were there for me the whole time, and when I got home. The things I left I forgot about and never missed. Stop making excuses and go live every little dream you have ever had, the excuses are used in the same manner of the things we buy. Little emotional attachments and things that are trying to hold us back because we are not sure what will lay at the other end of the road if we take it and frankly we are scared.

I have wrote many blogs like this one, but the more I tell my story, the one thing I hear is “I wish I could do that!” or “I’ve always wanted to go _____.” It is really starting to bother me that so many people actually think they cannot do these things. One person in particular is my best friend. She is strong and brave and owes it to herself to step out, but she hasn’t, even though all of the stars are aligned in her favor.

  • If you are reading this. Then you need to go, you need to seek out your happiness and believe in beauty and love and life again. And you need to do it on your own, even though I know it would be easier for me to get in the car and come get you myself. Whatever choice you pick, make sure it speaks to your soul. You can always get another apartment in this lovely town of ours “Insert sarcasm” But you will never have a better opportunity to leave and be free. The people that matter will always be here for you, and some may follow. (Leave a room open for me please!) But it will be the best thing you ever do because it will be for you and because of you that you made it. Just know that I love you and want you to be happy, and will support you no matter where you go.

” Do not tiptoe through life to arrive safety to death”

“If you are unhappy with where you are then move, you are not a tree”

“You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there”

“Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks.

Life is happening now”

The Path of the Soul

“My soul has something it is trying to tell me, the only way to know I am on the right path is by following the good sensations in the moments I live. Each one leads me to another; like a puzzle piece or a hint on a map.”  JS

If I do happen to take the wrong path though, I do not regret it because it always gives me something to learn from. The mistakes I make are the lessons I need to get me through this life and the rules I eventually give myself from going back down that path of bad decisions or heartbreak.

Instead of being afraid of the wrong path, open your arms to it. No one got anywhere from their comfort bubble and no one certainly found their path of enlightenment by not taking chances. This is part of life, part of the reasons we are on this planet; to search and explore and find the questions that are imbedded into out brains about life and our existence. Someday you will realize that the more chances you take, the better and more confident you feel in making new and harder choices. The better you feel at taking that jump, trying something new or meeting new people.

As Pablo Coelho says, “When you want something, all of the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Of course not everyone feels this way, some people may think the universe is doing the exact opposite. But realistically, wanting something is not supposed to be easy, just because we want it does not mean we deserve it, or in that moment it is right for us. The universe and god have funny ways of working. Sometimes the path is going to be harder than you could ever imagine, but when you get to your prize, to your destination or someone you have been fighting for, it is going to be much sweeter than you could have imagined.

So as I continue on this beautiful path I have taken, I remember the hardships, the tears and the scars it took to get me here. I’ve taken the chances I needed to get me here and every single one was worth it, no matter how hard it was to get through at the time. The one thing I can continue to tell all of you from my own experiences is to not be afraid, let go of your comfort zone and go out and answer those questions, explore new places and meet new people. The beauty and peace you will get from doing this is far more memorable than the scars, but the scars are going to be the fuel you need to get you to your next destination.

Live freely, love strongly, make mistakes and go out to explore.



Change the Channel on Life


life, what is it really? Is it the arguments at 2am with your significant other? Is it the 45 minute drive you take to get to work everyday? What about that T.V show on every Wednesday night at 8 that you just can’t miss. You may be thinking these answers are definitely not what life is, however so many people have fallen prey to allow these things to rule them and what they do daily. As we have gotten older we forget what is really important and why we loved childhood so much; everyday was an adventure! Something new to learn, to taste, to smell and see, new places to explore and things to climb and so many things to learn.

See this is what happens, we get in this rut as we grow older and its called “comfort” and sometimes its called “fear” and what happens with comfort and fear is that we use them as excuses for not doing new things and learning new things and exploring. We use excuses to not do something because fear is blocking our minds on the possible opportunities we could have if we still believed we could. As children everything is possible, we have this imagination that we use to pretend we are pirates and doctors, explorers or artists. We also use this imagination to see ourselves as those people and wonder what it would be like to live that kind of life and do the things as the people we dream about do.

Now some people do keep this imagination, it is what pushes them; that vision of themselves in the future, to keep going and to strive to be that person. But for the majority of us. We get a college education in a field we believe we love, we then have a medium percentage of never even using that degree, and then get a job that just pays the bills because we can’t find anything else. Pretty soon we have a family and a box to live in filled with stuff, we watch the news so we can see what is going on in the world and we watch other things online to see inspiring stories and places we will never go.

What is wrong with this picture? Don’t you miss being that kid again? The one with so much energy and passion and imagination that nothing can get you down… that no one can tell you what to do or how to live because you are going to do what you want. Why did we ever stop living this way? How did our excitement become weekday television shows about fake people living fake lives? How did life turn into that relationship we are trying so hard to get out of but won’t because the fear of something different is holding you back? And how did life become a 45 minute drive to a job you hate that is barely even paying the bills?

Let’s make this change one person at a time! Lets focus on one thing that you have been wanting to do and let’s do it; it could be anything, but in order to do this you have to really want it, you have to make that dream and want it so clear in your head that you wake up in the morning and walk right into it. If you live your life with enough passion and force then anything can happen.

Whatever your dream may be and whatever life you choose to live, remember this: Small things still matter, kindness is still real and if you cannot find it then be that kindness, go outside and be apart of nature, it will bring you back to earth and calm you, Love someone, even if you know it may not last forever and live your life at full force because this is your only chance and having regrets in the future isn’t worth any fears or comforts you may be hiding from.



Life Story & Life Lessons


When I was 8 years old you could find me in tent forts and mud puddles in the backyard, I would stand outside on a windy day on top of the picnic table and pretend like I was Pocahontas standing at the ledge of a water fall, I would sing and spin in circles and climb trees until it got dark outside and I had to go in. Even at night, I would let my mind wander to movies i’ve seen or books i’ve read and wonder what it would be like to be that person for a day or live that life.

By age 15 I was in a position where I was almost being forced to be a “normal teenager” When I did let my mind wander and tell stories to my friends I would get made fun of and called weird. If I dressed differently because one day I wanted to look like the Surfer girls from Blue Crush and another day I wanted to look like Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard… well, then I would get called even more names. It got to the point where I was pushed so far away from my true self and my imagination, that I soon started to lose touch to who I really was.

At age 19 I got married to my high school sweetheart, it wasn’t the most ideal situation, but after a year of being broke up, My sweetie was joining the military and I had a desperate need to get out of my home state, so all romance aside, we agreed to get married and soon left on a plane for a 3 year military tour in England. At this time I was so far gone I couldn’t tell you who I was even trying to be at the time, all I know is that whoever inspired me the most was the person I tried to become. I lost all uniqueness and personal thoughts, I became grumpy and very unhappy which soon rubbed off on the marriage. after 3 1/2 years my sweetie and I called it quits. He moved on to a happy life with someone else and I moved home to find myself.

It was a hard two years after that… I got a studio apartment for my dog and me and went to an online college and had a full time job. It was the most peaceful time I ever had, and only so because I kept to myself and spent most of my time walking my dog and wandering around to places I felt a connection too. By this point all I wanted to do was finish college, because I thought that was the step I needed to live a happier and more exciting life… Boy was I wrong.

3 years later I found myself in my house crying on my bed, uncontrollably I might add. I went so long without any idea to who I was or what I really wanted that it finally caught up with me and it was bad… I finished college with honors, bought a house, got a great real estate job and had everything I ever wanted , so why was I so lost? Why did everything constantly feel like it was falling apart and pulling me into tiny pieces to float away?

I came to the conclusion that the trip I went on 6 months before this depression episode was my key. Thanks to my brother I heard about an all women’s trip to guide two visually disabled women through the mountains of Colorado. This trip was everything I needed at the time. It showed me that despite what I thought, there are more people in this world like me and it was so comforting, these amazing women who may have had no vision but gained what they lost in so many other ways, have showed me how to live again, how to listen and be present and real and true to myself. We hiked and laughed and away under waterfalls and at night we laid in tents listening to the crickets chirp until we fell asleep, it was the perfect escape and it changed me.

To go back to my crying episode; The reason I was in such a depression was because in the mountains with these incredible women, I caught a glimpse of who I used to be. That carefree happy and almost imaginative person that I lost when I was forced to be normal so I didn’t get bullied. However I did not know how to be that person in the real world. So I decided to make a big change, because if I didn’t, I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it…

One month later I am in the most beautiful place in the world, Alaska. and instead of standing on picnic tables with my eyes closed and hair blowing with the wind, I am now standing on the top of mountains. Instead of walking through the park pretending to be treasure hunting, I am walking through ancient rain forests looking at real treasure; this planet in its purest form. Even in the rain I was happy in this place. I don’t know if Alaska was the reason I changed and found myself again, or if it was because I finally found the courage to be myself and live my life on my terms. But it was incredible and magical and more than I can ever put into words.

If you haven’t already caught it, I think this all serves as a valuable lesson. Being yourself may be hard, it may not be what others expect or want and it may be completely outrageous to others. But from experience, it is not worth losing yourself to the standards of others and possibly losing the true version of yourself. We are all beautiful and unique and inspiring humans. We have the capacity to change the world, change minds, bring peace and happiness and love to others. We can create beauty and life and even if we do none of this, being true to yourself will be beautiful all on it’s own.

My story is continuing to grow as I add chapter after chapter, everything is starting to fit into place. While I continue to explore and share my love for life and travel and adventure, I feel that I finally fit where I was meant to be. I am now home from Alaska and moving forward in a different way. But my mind will always push me to those adventures that make no sense to some, but perfect sense to me. And that is exactly the point.

Be true, love yourself and when in doubt, do something that scares you because it might be the new beginning to your life. 

Missing the Important Moments

Have you ever had this inner desire to run down the street or woods or field and let loose! To just take off somewhere and experience life in its pure and real form?


Life as raw and beautiful as it is should never be missed, and yet everyday we take it for granted, we ignore the beauty around us and continue to indulge ourselves in a negative reality full of electronics and concrete and fake conversation. What happened to real conversations… like, in person? And what happened to walks in the park and midnight fires and porch sitting? I feel like the only option for people anymore is sitting inside and watching Netflix. Which is not bad once in awhile, but certainly not every night.

I think my least favorite is the phones; we spend all day looking down at phones and being completely ignorant or what is going on around us. Ive seen so many opportunities pass people by because they were looking down instead of being conscious of what is around them. You miss eye contact, you miss physical and emotional connection and you miss events that sometimes can be really incredible.

One great example of this… I was just in Florida and went for a walk at night, I went down to the docks and sat with my feet in the water, I was looking up at the night sky when someone texted my phone, instead of answering I kept my phone closed and continued to watch the sky. By doing this I witnessed a really beautiful shooting start that instantly put a smile on my face and then seconds later a huge fish jumped up out of the water right in front of me! If I would have picked up my phone when that person texted me, I would have probably missed both of those events. It may be small silly things, but I believe these are the things that build character and experience in our lives.

As this world gets bigger and more congested, I think it is only more fitting that we find better ways to live, because if everyone continues on this path, well… we might as well be robots ourselves; maybe some of us already are?

I can preach this a thousand times. But if you have any doubt in your mind that you are not happy and need a change, start small! Trying a different drink for breakfast can awaken unused morning taste buds, taking a different route to work can keep your attention instead of mindlessly driving to work and it can get you out of your routine. Taking a late night walk instead of watching another movie or show can awaken your senses, get in some exercise and help you to relax. The smaller changes can make you feel so much better and you can gradually work your way up to bigger and better changes.

And since this is just another mindful rant rather than me making any particular point… for gods sakes! Stay off your phones and make eye contact, its incredible how many conversations, good company, happy moments and even possible new friends or romance you can miss by missing that little moment when you walk by someone and can’t get there attention… stop being afraid of looking at other people! Smile and be friendly, it goes a long way!

People! Love life, find it’s beauty!! Enjoy the small things, smile and laugh; ALL DAY LONG! let the sand get between your toes and the wind blow your hair crazy. Take that jump and step out of your box! Because you never really know what opportunity it might bring you. Life is so short and this isn’t a joke but we are only getting older. We shouldn’t be making ANY excuses for not doing something, don’t let fear and society rule you and JUMP! You will never regret it… the only thing you will regret is not taking more chances, not loving more, not laughing more and not experiencing life like you should!